How To Create A Free Report To Get Thousands Of Email Subscribers?

Photo from Juhan Sonin

Photo from Juhan Sonin

I assume everyone knows about this technique or exposed to it by now that if we need to download any information report for free you got to provide your email and/or name. Sometimes the sites require more info than name and email.

The value out of the report/resource outweigh the risk you are taking about giving away your email. The free report or resource that you are going to provide will grow your list like crazy! The quality and focused content are most important to get your audience engaged.

What is a free report?

A report you produce and share it with your visitor in exchange of their name and/or email. Based on your you niche, it could be 5 – 10 pages focused content talking about a specific problem or situation and how to solve it. The quality is the most important factor as it was the first impression that you are going to make on your prospect customer.

Why we need to create this report?

People hold on to their emails like a gold nugget. In order to get something you need to offer something in return. That’s why you need to create this report. This report is the bait to get the email id.

In addition to offering as a return gift, you also can prove your authority on the subject by writing such reports.

Easy ways to create this report?

There are few easy ways you can create a report:

  • You can combine a few of your posts on a subject as a report.
  • You can research on your blog’s niche.
  • You can also your PR content.
  • You can outsource report writing using services like fiverr.
  • Document your experience in a particular area and show the results and infographics.

Quality vs. Quantity

Even your report is a 8 page document, a quality and informative report keep the traffic coming back to your page.  Focus on quality content will help you in the long run even it was a bit hard in the beginning and take a bit more time.

If you can produce a number of quality posts you have report or an ebook right there. But if you can not do this, you can get someone to write on a subject and use it as a free report to collect the email list.

Finally, It does not matter what you do to get the report. You need to a have a report to collect and build the email list.

Go and create the report/eBook now!


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Kris Rud

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