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Everyone has a story to tell! Everyone of us have a right to share our own story with the world! Today with the technology sharing is simple. All you need is create a blog and share your story. My story in few words: I landed in US 2004 with 2 suite cases and a laptop bag from […]

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Fear and How to turn it into fuel


Watch this video and learn how a lawyer from New York turned his fear into fuel and made his business, irrelevant to his profession, #1 in the city! Fear is always the worst enemy of success.Knowing how to acknowledge and turn it around will help us succeed in a better way.  Without risk there is […]

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Keyword Research – A Tutorial

keyword research

What is Keyword Research? We all know that google and other engines operate on some kind of indexing. If you are really don’t know how the search engines works and you are a stranger to the blogging here is a small tutorial I put together on how the search engine works. Try to understand first […]

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9 Ways to Gain Expert Recognition

No matter what business you are in it always helps to be seen as an expert. If you were calling someone to fix a drain or sell your house you would approach the person you saw as most credible and reputable in that area of expertise. To become an expert takes hard work and experience. […]

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