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7 techniques to attracts new email subscribers

I delayed starting news letter. Over the last 4 years I learned that it was a big mistake. When I started the newsletter I hardly have any email subscribers.  You need to attract new email customers like any other priority in your online business. This is the only way you can get in touch with your subscribers or every make money. As people get to know about my blog, the traffic slowly increased from 10 visits a day to 150 a day from there it was exploded. I think every blog has a thresh hold. Once  you go over the thresh hold you will, most likely, not comedown provided you publish valuable content.

The only way you can retain any user is by providing value to their time. Over a period of time I realized if you provide more value to the users they won’t leave you. But the initial bonding is very important.  The gurus in the expert industry suggest a VVS (value – value- sale) or BO, DO, C (Blind Offer, Direct Offer and content) or many more formulas. Any of these formula does work! But the only formula in my experience always worked out for me is “value creation”.  If you crate tremendous value to the people around you, there is no way they can lose you and hope someone can come in and fill up your place.

Hence every time you send some info they know it is very important so they need to open up. I conducted various experiments to arrive at this. I mostly don’t send that many email offers anymore. I will hope my 5000+ subscribers will come to my site to read my post and get motivated with it. When ever I have a chance to make some money is ONLY by providing valuable information on few products where they can genuinely gain more value to the cost .

I also observed that creating a newsletter landing page works very well! You can sign people through this page at the same time provide all the newsletter archives here for any one to use.

Have you ever read Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition. It was the best book so far I read about marketing and sales. All the examples in this book are real life examples. You will be able to witness that the laws of reciprocation works to the great extents. So giving someone something free is not a bad thing at all.

My law of reciprocation “You will get back 10 times of what ever you gave , (whether it is good or bad!)”.  So rather asking what your subscribers can give your, give them abundance. You will get abundance back from them too!

Here are the 7 important techniques that you can use to get more subscribers:

  1. Register an GetResponse account and start your email list
  2. Register for Leadpages and add an opt-in box to your blog or website. Double opt-in is the best way to go.
  3. Giveaway a free report or eBook.
  4. Create a dedicated landing page for your newsletter.
  5. Create a Facebook fan page with an opt-in page as sign up page.
  6. Build a Twitter following and release great content to encouraging re-tweets.
  7. Encourage word of mouth and viral distribution by creating quality content.

These techniques are time-tested & proven methods that you can employ and experiment with any way you want.

Try employing the first 3 TODAY and see the results for yourself.

Kris Rud

Kris is an experienced IT Leader, who believes that everyone has a story to tell! The way we can express our thought is by writing and Blog is a great platform to reach every corner of this world with your message. Kris is helping bloggers with the blogging tools and blog security. His goal is help every blogger focus on his/her passion - "the message" and learn how to manage their blogs like a techie.