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Welcome To Blog Triumph

I started blogging in 2010 using the free blog platforms that are available. It is a love-hate story. I broke up with it multiple times. Over a period of time I realized how difficult to get control over someone else platform and I started looking at hosting my blog in 2011. That is the moment Blog Triumph was born! It is about my journey in the blogging and online marketing world.

I tried answering the questions of :

  • How much of it is really true?
  • How many blogs sustained over time and succeeded?
  • What is really FREE when everyone says it is all FREE (free websites, themes, plugins, courses etc) !
  • How much value we are really getting for a product?
  • What it really take to get a blog up and running?
  • What it takes to get the popularity required?
  • Is there any truth to the claims of 6 figure monthly income from internet business?

Marketing vs. Technicalities

Understanding the marketing aspects is one side of the coin but understanding the technology and technicalities involved in creating useful blogs is tedious and time consuming. In fact for beginners it is overwhelming! This is where Blog Triumph can help you!

I worked as a developer and an Architect in the information technology for 20+ years. Even with my IT background, I spent numerous hours to get to where I am today with a lot of trail and error. Over time I was able to identify the steps to setup beautiful blogs quickly with minimal money. I was able to get to understand lot of options that are available.

7 Weeks of Actionable Steps

If you signed up for my FREE 7 Week Blog Training and took all the action steps, I promise you that, you can get up and running in less than a week! You can also learn how you can monetize the blog and help you on the financial side. No one knows how much you can earn or your succee but I can tell you that I am not holding any thing back.

I believe in hard work, openness and honesty. When I have any vested interest in one product vs. other I will surely mention that to you.  I’m documenting my experience but that could be different to you. I stand behind every product I recommend or suggest. I only recommend those that I tried or using and believe that are helpful to you.

I want you to succeed in every step and focus on creating useful and evergreen content rather than stuck is the technical issues. The best way to do is to use few of the products that are tested for you upfront.  In case if you find a new product and don’t know how to use it effectively shoot an email to Kris at blog triumph dot com. I am happy to assist you and be your guinea pig!

I created few resource recommendations for you to take a look at and see if you could use them. Some of them are paid and many of them are FREE.  You may want to book mark the resource page.  This page will be useful to you in future.

That’s all about Blog Triumph and about my journey!

Happy Blogging!