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Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you decided to make a purchase. I have experience with these companies and I recommend them not because of the small affiliate commission that I receive from them but because they are useful and helpful. Only spend money on these products if you need them or they will help in reach your goals.

If you like to download as step-by-step guide on how to build a blog in less than 5 minutes with less than $0.25 per day you can click here to download the guide.



Choosing a website hosting is the toughest of all choice that a blogger need to make.You can learn the questions you need to ask before choosing the provider.

Below are the hosting services I recommend to my clients and they are well tested.


Once your setup your website you need one thing is to make your site look for beautiful is a Theme!

This website using Thrive Themes, which provides not only a great look but also:

  • Optimized to make it fast.
  • Optimized to sell (convert) more.
  • comes with easy to use page builder.

You can find the 5 reason why I moved to Lead Pages!

If you are looking for some options, here are few best theme websites available:


Landing pages are those that gets you present your content or product in a eye-pleasing way. These are used for info-sales pages, collecting opt-in and present information as pre-sales pages.

If you are serious about your business or blog you need to build an email list.

That means captivating people to sign up to your list, creating landing pages and much more.


These are the best tools for you to do so:

There are other wordpress plugins available to similar things but there are several bloggers put their trust in Leadpages and Thrives Themes as I do. I am very confident that Thrive Leads will provide prefect solution to you if you are looking for the best options.



Email list building is a great way to get in touch with your subscribers and take your blog business to the next level.

There are several email marketing apps available. But below are the ones I used/using. For some I have a detailed review available too.

If you are just starting I would recommend the below:

  • Getresponse (Features new opt-in pages)
  • Aweber (best in analytics)
  • MailChimp (Free up to 12,000 email per month)

If you are a bit advanced and looking for more features you should take a look at ConvertKit. You can customize the opt-ins based on page post and content of the post. It was amazing. I started loving these features and it caters most of the needs.


Both Getresponse and Aweber provides some optin forms and support for integration. However there are simple and easily configurable options available for you.

Even if you have a solid programming back ground I would recommend to stick with either one of these two for creating your opt-in forms.

I would recommend to try both of them to see how they complement each other and improve your site conversions.


Writing is an art and there is a lot of science behind it. Today millions of blogs that are sitting with our knowing how to get traffic or reaching those that are required the great information they are providing. This is all due to the lack of understanding of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and reaching right audience with appropriate keywords, headings and organization of the content itself.

I would highly recommend you download this FREE synthesized, information packed guide on 70+ ways to write compelling and converting content here.


Every page or a post with relevant image not only looks good but it brings more clarity to the readers. These images could be any thing including simple images to a very complex info graphic. I use the below sites for images and info graphics.

  1. - Site to get he photos published by the photographers.
  2. iStockPhoto: This is where I purchase royalty-free images that I use on my sites.
  3. Flicker - Creative Commons: This is where you can get free images for your website, but there are some rules that go along with it. Read the post in the first image & photo resource above to make sure you know how it all works.
  4. Public domain clip art images for your blog.
  5. A Free clip art and vector graphics site.​
  6. This online tool provides cool graphic and guidance for you to create stunning info graphics.
  7. Canva : The online tool I use to create image back ground and add text to images.
  8. CoolText : I use this to create graphic text. It had wide verity of graphic text and the best part is - it is FREE.
  9. GIMP : A free image editing software that I use to edit all my images [I use Cannon 5D and Nikon 7200 For my Photography]