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Everyone has a story to tell! Everyone of us have a right to share our own story with the world! Today with the technology sharing is simple. All you need is create a blog and share your story.

My story in few words: I landed in US 2004 with 2 suite cases and a laptop bag from Singapore with 1200$ ( my life savings at that time) and a promise of a job. Much better than most though. I made stupid choices in my career, had struggled, end up in the court defending myself against my former employer and ended up in 60,000$ debt with in 3 months of landing in US! I regretted myself leaving a 6 figure job in Singapore to come here. But I realized that this gave me a better understanding about life and is a good experience to navigate the red waters. From there I turned my life around, gradually worked out of the abase, paid my debt, improved my life with hard work, graduated from my 2nd Masters in Software Engineering and a joined the list of self-made “eventual” millionaires.

Thinking about my story, I am hoping to show some light to those who are in the same boat, who is depressed and who wants to gain some motivation and momentum ultimately reach their goal. Physically I can reach to few 10s or 100s of people. But internet gave me a chance to reach all over the world. All I have to do is create a blog and write.

create a blog

Photos by: Manuel Acebedo @ flickr

How To Create a Blog

As long as you have an internet enabled devices you can create a blog in 2 easy steps free of cost.

  • Step1 – Registered for any of the below listed blogging platforms
  • Step2 – Starting sharing your story, motivate people in your own way and create the raving fans.

What Stops You From Creating a Blog

Before I list the tools and platforms, I would like to address this one things which bothered me all along and made me put the idea aside for a long time.  You need to be aware of this and every successful writer, blogger and author suffered from this.

Fear of how people perceives you. When you start sharing your story, people will judge. That is natural! People will take a sides. You don’t need to be worried

The second thing you need to win over is “Rejection”.  People will reject your ideas, they will reject your suffering and they are completely insensitive to your feelings. You need to get over this rejection.

KFC founder, Colonel Sanders, was rejected 1009 times before making the KFC as one of the most lovable fast food restaurant world-wide.

Rejection is not easy until you get over with it. And believe me one day you will pass through it.

When I wrote my first blog in Java programming, I worried who is going to write back arguing with me and never agree with me. Sure enough there’s a dude who started the argument about doing the same thing in a better way. My response is remove the comments in all my posts.

Yes, I know it is stupid! After few months I opened the comments again and this time few people agreed and few people disagreed. Over 6 months or so I am done with how people think about his and I shifted my focus to what I want to share. That’s the magic and I never need to worried about this.

Create a Blog  for free

You just want to share your story, you don’t need to spend a dime. There are many platforms that are available that can give you enough runway to build your blog and share your story with the world. For example is the largest free blogging platform that will be available for free for many years to come. Another great plat form is owned by google and used by millions today. In fact I started on blogger and used others before I moved to my own hosting sites. Here is a post details about 7 free blogging platforms for your follow through.

Creating a blog will talk less than 5 minutes. All you need is the love to share your experience with the world. Like every other skill you will get better at blogging with practice.   There are so many hurdles come in your way.  You must understand that you should never give up. Taking the easy route will land you in a good place. But taking the hard route will lead you to the best places that you can never imagine.

Sharing your story is great! You don’t need to stop with it. You may have solved many common problems in an efficient way. For example, you studied hard for a green architect exam. You passed it will flying colors. Now you know what to focus on and what you can skim through. Or what are the materials that you need to look at and where they are available on the net. You can help others who wants to take this exam by guiding them to the resources.

You are the best in negotiating car or you know where you can get quality spare parts for cars for less, you can help people directing them to the right sources.

Blogging as a Business

Everyone not only has a story, but several solution for the problems they faced in life. It could be in the career, personal life, finance, or a skill that they have like gardening perfect roses, organizing your house, knitting and re-purposing furniture. Whatever your skill might be, you can share those solutions with the world and convert your solutions in to income.

Today many consider blogging as a business. There are many stories I heard about in my earlier blogging career about blogger turned millionaire. I did not trust them until I talked to real people like Darren Rowse from problogger, Yaro Starak from, Pat Flynn from I attend Pat Flynn’s one day business class, part of Yaro’s ej insider club and these are real people with real results.

They inspired me stick to my guns all the time, even when things does not go the way I want them to go. Amazed me with the result of their blog turned online business. Taking the example of the above engineering exam, Pat Flynn turned that into a 6 figure monthly income business.

So, if in future you would like to do something with your blog you man want to stay away from the free sites and build your own branding from the beginning. It is anything but complicated to build it. It is anything but sacrificing 2 lattes per month to build your own blog on your own domain name. If you are interested in doing so read my make money blogging post.

Considering Blog as Business? Read the facts

Hope you are convinced to create a blog. Even turning this into a business seems to be very lucrative too! Why should you leave the free cash on the table when you know you are an expert in an area?

Here are few facts:

  • There few hundred thousand times more information floating on the web compared to 10 years ago. We are drowned with the information.
  • There are several 100’s of thousands of blogs exists today and most of them rehash what other’s say.
  • Only few blog will reach to the million and beyond marker.
  • The quality of the content and freshness of the content is mostly focused – means a lot of work than just sharing a story

With this many odds and challenges how can you share your solution with the right people and build a business out of it? It is very simple. Search engines, Social media tools provides a great opportunity today with a social platform and the ad platform to be in front of people. However you may question what if I stop spending on these ads, can’t I make money? Yes you can. You can still organically but slowly grow. The important often ignored is to check if any one looking for a solution that I am ready to provide. i.e., bringing a solution to the people who are looking to solve a problem.

Taking the solution for the needy people is the only way you can make money. When a sales rep. comes to you with a world best carpet cleaner while your house is all hardwood what will you do? Will you buy the product? Will you spend a second thinking about it? Yup, you will say “No, Thanks you”? Shut the door!

How can you fix this?  Find what people are looking for on the internet and try to provide solution in that areas, called niches, to get maximum bang for your work. This is called Keyword research and there are many tools both free (google keyword tool) and paid ones, such as MarketSamurai available today.

Final Words

“Knowledge is Power”  is an old saying. How much ever knowledge you have, if you don’t act on it is useless. So “Acting on the Knowledge is Power”! If you are a new-bee this could overwhelm you. If you are a seasoned blogger I hope I stirred your memories. For those that feel overwhelmed, I can assure you, here is a 3-4 minutes process to build a blog.  It literally took 3 minutes 40 seconds to register a domain, create a blog and start writing my first post on it.  Just spend this 3 or 4 minutes today to start this blog.

Share your message, story and solution with the world and earn money in the process.

Kris Rud

Kris is an experienced IT Leader, who believes that everyone has a story to tell! The way we can express our thought is by writing and Blog is a great platform to reach every corner of this world with your message. Kris is helping bloggers with the blogging tools and blog security. His goal is help every blogger focus on his/her passion - "the message" and learn how to manage their blogs like a techie.