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How To Increase Traffic To Your Website?

When you start blogging just now, you will be disappointed to see the traffic that you get to your site. Don’t worry any blogger knows about it. It will take months together to get  significant traffic to your site unless you do few things right. Growing organic traffic with so much of information available around is not that easy. There are few billion blog out there and how do you reach to those people who are really interested in your message. I had started various blogs and on and off I run into the same issue until I found a way to systematically increase the traffic to my blogs. I tested this method with at least 6 of my other blogs  and it worked great.

So what are the techniques that I followed that made me a get 1000s of email list subscribers and gave me anywhere between 100 and 1000 unique visitors a day.

I just had these 7 techniques that I thought would help you a lot. Try follow them and see for yourself.

Photo: Geoff Livingston@flickr

Photo: Geoff Livingston@flickr

Search Engine Optimization

Your organic traffic depends on your page rank on search engines.  You can improve this ranking by Search Engine Optimization. For this you need to build your blog around keyword. Here are the 3 resources for you on how to Optimize your posts towards some medium competition keywords.

1. Google Keyword Planner Tool:Help you find the keywords and the competition around it in google search. I did not find similar tools in Bing or Yahoo but the Google Keyword Planner tool alone will help you create a good SEO site.

2. Market Samurai is what I use to research the keywords. In turn it uses the Google Keywords tool. However it provides more than just tracking the keywords. It also generates the ranking data for the keywords and related sites. It was very helpful to me researching my keywords.

3. Backlinking works very well for improving your search engine ranking. This helps in people finding your blog on search engines. You can follow some of the backlinking strategies that worked for me over time. This work well for those who are very consistent on their efforts.

YouTube and Videos

Everyone don’t time to read what you want to say! So create a video like what I did here! Upload them to YouTube or save them on your own site to share in Facebook. YouTube works best because it has a search feature called similar content. The visitors need not search for your keywords but you will be discover much faster in YouTube compared to any other search engines including google.

I use and recommend Easy Video Suite. Early I used to use screenflow but I switched to EasyVideoSuite. It was of similar cost and gives a lot of flexibility for me to add buttons and variety of promotional tools in my videos.

Social Media

I love social media for the reason of its reach. People spend their prime time on Facebook and Twitter. These are great places to present your product or blog. Being in front of people pays off. No one will buy a product that is in the last aisle of the store unless they badly need it. Similarly if you are not visible to people or make it hard to find you, the chances of getting ignored is much higher. So get out there, create a Facebook page and start a community page for people. Participate in the discussion and learn what your audience want.

Facebook and twitter also helps researching the interests of people. It is very important to provide what your readers or customers want, not what you think they want. So let them decide, ask them open-ended questions, you will get your answers for sure.

Recently what I learn from Brendon Burchard is that posting on facebook 4 times a day will have a great chance that you will get noticed. I think that is a great tip and everyone who wants place themselves in front of their audience should follow this tip. Be consistent with this post things every 4 hours . It will help you in the long run. You can recycle posts too, there are tool that can help you including Use services like Hootsuite or instagram to create your posts.

Guest Posts

There are so many article around the web titled ” Is guest posting dead?” or similar. But for me I don’t see it that way. By guest posting, you are increasing the chances of being in front of more audience who is looking for some information in a niche similar to yours. If you are able to draw attention of several audience who visits your posts on other sites, you are succeeded in improving the traffic to your blog. You can even redirect them to a sign-up page to increase your email list size.

So next time when you have an opportunity, please make sure to share your knowledge on other sites similar to yours. But don’t sweat for small things and beg anyone to publish your content.

This also increase your pagerank by increasing the number of backling to your site. Read more about blacklinking strategies to increase pagerank.

List Sharing

This is one tricky thing that I don’t have much success with. But I want to introduce you to this option that is available to all of us. List Sharing is a common practice but we are not completely now the results of it until the end. Here is how it works. Two bloggers with similar niche and similar sized lists will introduce the other blogger to their subscribers. This way you get to grow the list faster by cooperation.

There are few thing you need to remember. Decide on the number of “click”  upfront and agreed up on.  Decide on what you are going to do if you could not reach the number of clicks that you promised. This happens up to a certain extent as you can not force your email subscribers to click on a link you send. If 1% clicks you receive on any give email promotion you are in the top 10% of the email marketers. That is the truth. i.e., the conversion rate will be so low all the time you may see some success or it could be a complete washout.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are those you will pay a fee to acquire your clicks from those who have lists. I tried this a lot in the early days of acquiring my email list. You will end up spending anywhere between $0.50-$1.50 per click. But after the conversion you may end up spending $4 to $5 per email address. Even then it is not going to last long. These sign ups  are impulsive you will lose them very soon. This is my experience after spending 1000s of dollars in solo ads and wasting much of my money there.

Rather I would suggest to stick with what I call “the organic growth”.  Or if you really have some money follow the next strategy. But you need lot of patience doing this.

Ads on Google, Facebook and Twitter

You can publish ads on google, facebook and now even on twitter. Focus on publishing ads on converting you visitors to subscribers. Later you can follow affiliate marketing strategies to sell affiliate products or you own product to these lists.

Ads on google is a pain to get accepted. However once they accepted it was not final. It is based on the impression and click analytics google can reject your ad any time even it was live. But if you receive a good click through rate you will be able to convert lot better with google ads.

Facebook ads on the other side converts much better and easy to be accepted. Fewer rules compared to google.

Twitter as a platform I have not tried much with ads. My research shows that it works similar to facebook.

In summary, I would recommend focus on your consistency and use the free and collaborative methods first before you get to the paid advertising. If you have foundation content articles and be consistent with your content creation you will get noticed in 3 to 6 months time any way. From there are the only way your blog traffic travel is upwards.

Until next time  keep pumping the quality content to your site – let’s get back our time and live a vibrant life!

Share your experience and  leave a comment below.

Kris Rud

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