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Fear and How to turn it into fuel


Watch this video and learn how a lawyer from New York turned his fear into fuel and made his business, irrelevant to his profession, #1 in the city!

Fear is always the worst enemy of success.Knowing how to acknowledge and turn it around will help us succeed in a better way.  Without risk there is not reward. However human nature is risk-averse. The aversion level could be different for each individual. But what if this aversion turn into fear. That’s when you start encountering issues in your life. Understanding the psychology  of fear really helps.

According to Mate Tanney the author of “THE MINDFULNESS EDGE” and “SERVE TO BE GREAT“- acknowledging, investigating and visualizing outcome helps you overcome the fear in his article 5 tools to master fear.

if you are thinking about what fear is do with success you may not have read this one. Yes the fear of success can stop you right in the roots of where you started. It is pretty scary to be successful for some people.

There are lot of what if scenarios they go through even before they start. Something like “What if I am so successful and”:

  • I can’t keep up with it?
  • I fail next time?
  • Someone target me and robs my money?
  • I don’t have enough time for family and friends?
  • I don’t have time to sleep?
  • All my friends will leave?
  • All my relatives what keep me away because they are scared or joules?

Well, you can keep going on this one for ever. However, what I observed is being cautious and being fearful are two different things.

How can you find about the fear of success?

Here are the few signs:

  • feel guilty about your success
  • keeping your achievements to your self
  • procrastinate on new projects
  • compromise goals
  • fear  of unable to keep up with it.

There might be many other signs that are point to the same underlying phenomenon. It is common to get to this stage once you are successful. However you will be quickly need to identify and get out of it. Psychology professionals suggest you to take some help. But I would suggest to build a good team and surrounded by people who are ready to help you will be more than enough to quickly get out of this area.

How to get out of it?

  • You need to surround with the people who support you on your success and failure.
  • Consider failure on a project is a “tryout” – of one path and look for other ways to achieve it.
  • Understand you type of genius (Millionaire Master Plan) and plan your road map accordingly.
  • Try focus on the results and what value you are providing.

Once you start focusing on giving to others fear of success will turn into your fuel to propel you farther and farther.

Kris Rud

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