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How To Write A Free Report To Get Email Subscribers?

When you are on my blog, where you are reading this post,  you will notice at the bottom of the page asking to subscribe, and a pop-up shows up occasionally to download my free report. The free report is still the best way to collect email subscriptions. If you attach this free report to a affiliate promotion, it is the best way to increase your revenue too.

This free report can come in many ways, shapes or forms. It could be a free eBook or a 10 – 12 page report on a focused subject.

It turn out most of us get this free report wrong! When I say most of us, I include myself as well! With practice and a little help we can produce better quality reports. I provided some tips on what you should consider and how to write a free report.

Email is valuable for you and subscribers as well

People don’t trust you! They don’t give you the email unless you show them that you deserve it. You need to show that you created enough value for them to exchange their email with you. You can offer something in return, reciprocation, to exchange the email id and treat every one’s email with respect.

By giving a free report you can definitely get most of the people attention and you would be able to get emails too. However the 3rd point above is a little different, you got to really deliver the value. How do you know you are doing this? It is quite simple, the list will dwindle down pretty fast!

Most often, even with some of the gurus, I see that they are keeping their information very much guarded! I think by sharing the information you have with other you create some value in their life .  I believe none of us are special. The only way we can be special is because you created massive values to others lives.

Few Final Words

There are few things you can do today:

  • Got the extra mile and do that others wont do.
  • Don’t hide any information, giver out the best information you have
  • Write about a topic that people want.
  • Make it at least 12 pages quality content and if possible more. Everyone like quality than quantity.
  • Hold a contest and give away prizes for signing up
  • Don’t change the report verify frequently. If it is not working change it. If it is working great keep it. There might be changes necessary but don’t need multiple report for successful niche.

Kris Rud

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