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How to Write Foundation Content Articles?

Most of us write good content publish it on our blog. Writing evergreen, niche foundation content articles are very important. Writing a handful of such article will give us the basis to build the rest of the article on your blogs. I call them as your base! As if the base is strong you would be able to build a nice building, the similar way if you find content for few base articles then you are all set to go!

How do you create these “foundation content” articles?

There is no framework that was readily available. For any niche there are few “How to”s or “arguments” that you can present.

“How To” Articles

I wrote “how to create a blog in 5 minutes are less” few months ago. This article received  150 visits a day on an average.  But make sure you write a how to article on a subject you fully understand and have experience with.

Some examples

  • If you are a programmer – write how to content for some complex programs or patterns
  • If you blog about cats – write how to choose a better cat name
  • If your blog is about authorship – write about how to write a novel
  • If your blog is about food, just like my sister do, write about how to cook certain food (recipes)


 Core Concept Definitions Articles

For any niche there are several important terms everyone may not aware of. Produce the foundation article that defines a concept, clearly explains what it is and how it can be user or implemented.

Remember that whatever seems obvious and simple to you may not be that simple for those people who are new to this niche.

From investopedia I learned that, writing definitions as a foundation article work very well. If a handful of definitions in your niche, write an article that lists these concepts and provides a paragraph for each concept.

You can ask why bother when wikipedia is there?

It is okay to link to the other sites in the short-term when you are setting thing up in the beginning.  But if you write definitions on your own it will be lot better, it keeps visitors in your blog. increase your pageviews, and visit length.

Create a resource – a technical white paper, a free report, or a e-course

This is definitely one of my favorites. A document as a report or a series of articles joined to create a course, is one of the best ways to create a foundation articles.

There are 2 ways you can present these articles

  • Create a downloadable PDF report: The benefit of this method is that the file can be shared and you can benefit from the viral marketing effects. This could be much helpful if you produce a quality report or ebook.
  • Create a series of article and interlinks them. You can always promote this as a foundation article in your archives.

If you ask for my suggestion on what would be the best way, I would suggest to expose and make the content available in as many ways as possible. Like a series of posts, a PDF report and an audio recording. Until recently I did not realize how much impact an audio recording can have. If you hesitate to record your voice or is on your side to create an audio recording for your report.

List Articles

You might have seen may of these on other blogs too! The title contains “Top 10 Tips …..” or “27 great books .. “7 key concepts.. ” etc. These works well for various reasons.

People like lists:- Research proved that foundation article with bullet points is easy to read and follow. These may attract good traffic. It is all about consuming the content easily with a short attention span.

List focuses on actionable items – apart from this reason, it seems like list articles get the backlinks easier than any other content forum.

A Technical White Paper – A Blueprint

A how to article focused on the technical aspect of the issue. If you read by how to build a blog in 5 minutes or less you can see what I am talking about. It is a step-by-step technical guide driving you by providing actionable items in every step.  I like to write blueprint articles.

Final Words

I covered the basics and focused information on how to write foundation articles. If you write an article each day by applying one of the concepts above, you will have a strong foundation for your successful blog.

Don’t afraid to take outside help if you need. In case you need some help in copy writing check this course. This kind of courses make your life easy to build your blog content faster!


Kris Rud

Kris is an experienced IT Leader, who believes that everyone has a story to tell! The way we can express our thought is by writing and Blog is a great platform to reach every corner of this world with your message. Kris is helping bloggers with the blogging tools and blog security. His goal is help every blogger focus on his/her passion - "the message" and learn how to manage their blogs like a techie.