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Improve Your Website’s Domain Authority – Practical Steps

Domain Authority(DA) is a metric about websites created by Moz. The higher your DA, you will be better ranked by search engines and  have a higher traffic to your website. This metric is well-known to SEOs.

Can you change or improve this domain authority rank by any means? There are few practical steps to improve your moz domain authority.

Before we look at the steps on how to improve, lets take a look what is domain authority:

Photo - Chris Potter @ flickr

Photo – Chris Potter @ flickr

Domain Authority

Here are few key facts about DA. This information will help you understand how you can move your DA upward:

  1. Domain authority is not just one are two. There are many factors that affect the domain authority. These are link profile factors such as how many backward links are pointing to your website and how authoritative those sites are.
  2. It is very hard to get a perfect DA score of 100.Only few like google and facebook can get this privilege. So Dont get disappoint if you don’t get a perfect score.
  3. It is a bit difficult to change your DA score with some influence or by changing the meta tags.

How to improve Domain Authority

Now that we know if it hard to influence are there any way that we can improve this domain authority?

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it ~Albert Einstein

So we can solve any problem! We need a bit holistic view to solve it.

I started, in September in 2014.  Here is the mozrank through SmallSeoTools


Results can speak for themselves. 3 months into my new blog, Ace Passive Income,  I was at 22M rank in Alexa. Now it was at 9M.


I took this challenge twice between September 2014 and May 2015. I want to make sure I get my act right so start doing the same things that, what I thought,  were helping me improve my overall ranking on the web.

Here are few practical steps to improve your authority and in turn improve overall rank.

Specific Keywords and Quality Content

You need to write your post focusing around specific content. The quality of the blog content defines the page authority of the post the you published. So maintain quality writing. In case you need to take some copy courses my recommendation is to take in online with

Start creating linkable and quality content. This is something like a definition article or a foundation content article. These articles will help you get the much needed backlinks for you site from other sites.

Outgoing Links

You need to point some out going links next to your own site link in order to establish the page authority. This is one trick you need to know about search engines. If search engine see some links to authority pages next to the links to your own page that make search engine thinks that your site is focused on similar content on the page as the link. Please make sure you have relevant content on the linked pages. If you try to fool search engines it next to impossible. I live in the world of analytics  and they are so advanced today it is very difficult fool any search engine, especially google.


It is very important to have number of backlinks from high ranked sites to establish your authority. The best way to achieve backlinks it to talk to other bloggers. Yes! competition really helps in this area. You can find some competitors and collaborate with them to help each other to share more quality information to your audience. It is a real Win-Win. If someone like your products, it is obvious that they also like some of the products from your competitor. If you collaborate and provide one product which can reach more audience and smaller price to pay for (compared to 2 products the customer needs to buy to get the information).

This helps creating back links from other blogger sites to your niche sites. Which appeal to wide audience, receive more traffic, and lower your MozRank faster. Improve your backlinks will help you in the long run as well.

There are 2 ways to get higher ranking.

  1. lots of back links from average sites.
  2. few back links from top rated sites.

Choose your strategy and play wisely. What I found with the online and expert community today is that everyone is willing to help you. You need to extend your hand first in order to get the help. So start helping others first.

Search Engine Optimization

How much ever you optimize your site for search engines there is more to be done. It is a never-ending task on my plate so far. Instead I find a way to optimize my posts while writing them. This way I might spend 20 to 30 minutes extra to solidify SEO on each post. However I avoid costly mistake of not having SEO. This gave an edge to raise in moz ranks.

Traffic to your site

You have great content but you ranked very poor in search engines you will not get traffic. Unless you get a good amount of traffic your rank may not be improved. It is a catch 22 state. This is the game we play today. If you are looking for financial freedom by starting and growing your blog into a business you must understand a lot on how to get traffic to your site.

Few ways you can get traffic to your site includes social presence, forum commenting and submitting your site to 100s of search engines. These are all tedious jobs which take time and patience. Alternatively you can use the ad networks to get you the traffic if you can spare some dollars.

I would recommend to Jimmy Kim’s Build My List course on how to get traffic to your site. It is affordable and easy to use course.


You can find plenty of content all over the internet explaining how to improve you DA. Some of them are very detailed and few of them are practical.

But most of them misses the whole point that you can not simply improve the DA by small changes here and there to your content. All of it boils down to the quality of your content and your consistency on improving it.

Quality content improve everything around it.

What other factor you notice that affects domain authority?



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