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Make Money Blogging Step-by-Step Guide

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Welcome to Blog Triumph's "Make Money Blogging A step by step guide" to monetize your blog. We are dealing with information overload day to day. No one will tell you the same story even the source is the same from all the stories. I ended up paying 8000$ last year and 3000$ this year learning what really works by various successful people and with my own experience. 

I can't promise the success of earning 30K per month. But what I can promise you is you will learn turning your passion into a money making machine

A 6 Steps System 

  • Setup Your Blog
  • Find Your Niche
  • Create Content
  • Get Traffic To Blog
  • Monetize 
  • Repeat Success

The idea behind this tutorial is to get rid of information overload and provide basic steps to setup a blog and monetize it. This tutorial includes all essentials ​- such as, software, hosting, plugins, Themes or skins, monetization. I like to know why I have to do what is suggested by my mentor. Some time the answer is it simply works but most of the time which change in your audience preferences may end up changing your approach. Knowing "why" will help you quickly adapt to the changes in the environment.  I tried explaining that "why" in every step of the way. 

I intended to keep this guide FREE and available to anyone who is interested to create some passive income streams.


  • Essential Information and Valuable resources
  • Guide you through the most optimal path
  • an action plan for you to work through and achieve results

 ​I recommend you to book mark this page as you many want to come back as through out your action adventure. 

Let's begin out journey in the wilderness with a carved path. You can attempt this knowing you are not going to lost. If you lost by any means, I am here to help you. Don't hesitate to reach out to me any time in your journey.

Setup Your Hosting Provider

You need a domain name (like and a place to publish your site, a hosting account, before you could do anything. 

Note: You can start create blog for practice on tmblr, blogger, or wordpress but if you are serious about monetization, I would suggest otherwise.  Here is Why?

There are many hosting providers how to choose one?  There 5 question that you can ask before you choose a hosting provider. 

My Recommendations:​

  • BlueHost - Setting up a blog is lot easier than you think. It will take less than 5 minutes to spring you into action. BlueHost is one of my trusted Hosting provider and I host several blogs and my product development company's website on BlueHost.  It only cost you 3.95$ per month to host a blog - just one latte per month! You can register your domain name for free for the first year. This is a great deal for starter and experienced alike. You can also read my review on why I recommend Bluehost
  • InmotionHosting - if you are looking for a faster access and you can chip in another 2$ per month for the speed and SSD hard disk, I would love to recommend InmotionHosting. All sites does not require the speed and response times but that is a good sign of a site. For advanced users, who had more than 3000 visitors per day you would see increasing speeds and 99.999 availability then you must go for InmotionHostiong.  Use this link to get a special package price from InmotionHosting.

Here is a step by step guide on how to setup a blog in 5 minutes or less

Wordpress & Themes

Once you setup the hosting you need to look for a blog software to write your posts. WordPress is the best software in this area. Both Bluehost & InmotionHostion support one click installation on WordPress. 

WordPress comes with lot of plugins, huge community support and lot of free themes. It is one of the most tested and trusted software in the blogging industry. 

If you are consumer, do you buy a book from or a some goofy How do you differentiate your site from other goofy sites exists out there. The Simple answer is choose the good theme that does look great with minimal effort required by you to adjust. As of today if you saw my old site (API) where some of this content still hosted and this site you will see the day and night difference. That is the result of choosing the best, economical and simple theme. I use Thrive Themes on Blog Triumph. So far I love its simplicity.


  • Thrive Themes: You will get all you need from beautifying your pages to capturing your leads, showing time sensitive information with a countdown timer to a custom layout, a pre-built, drag and drop pricing, a post grid or drag and drop table of content an many more widgets on the pages and posts.  If you go for the membership you will get all the updates for a year for free (this includes new plugins) - for example last year when I signed up there is no plugin for header testing. But when they released that March this year I was able to download and install for FREE. You will also get the Thrive Content Builder, Opt-in plugin and several themes as part of the membership package. I used Thrive Themes, I am impressed and I highly recommend Thrive Themes.

Email Provider

Any blogger should pay attention from the day 1 is to collect opt-ins. Opt-in is collecting the visitor information, name & email etc. , in order to inform the visitor when you update the new content and inform about the promotions on information products that you are selling on your site. 

Most of the successful bloggers admitted that they have not started the process of collecting the emails early enough, hence overall they lost 7-8 digit revenue!

Don't make the mistake and start planning to collect the emails on the day one. To do this you need to hold the information you collected somewhere and you need a way to communicate to the visitors/prospects using this information.

​Email provider is a service to hold the emails and create news letter/email to provide your recommendations to your users along with the useful information.  There are may providers in the market including Aweber, GetResponse, Convertkit, mailchimp and many more. 


  • ConvertKit: One of the best so far. It combines 2 services  - creating landing pages and opt-in for sites and works as a email provider. For a starting price of 30$ a month this is a great service.  I highly recommend ConvertKit
  • GetResponse: A good email service provider, where you can schedule your news letter and email to communicate with your prospects, customer and visitor. It is great but I felt this requires a bit work when I signed up last year. Now that several other recommend the same they are modifying the UI and creating better forms for presentation.  
  • Aweber: Similar to getresponse service. However the main difference is its analytics ability. You can slice and dice your list any way you want to get a better open and click through rate. Provides a great deal of flexibility and insights about your email lists.

Note: Thrive Themes - Thrive Leads seamlessly integrates all the above. Signing with any of the above service will help you integrate with these services through your Thrive Leads with a API key.

Note: This article and step by step course first posted on  I think this is more relevant on this site than API. Hence I moved and updated the content here.