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Why I recommend BlueHost? – real user review.

Online business owners biggest pain is the site’s downtime. The longer the site is down the greater money you are going to lose as an online business owner. Some of my experiences taught me to learn my lesson before moving to bluehost.

A Hosting Case Study

John Doe’s sites were intermittently down. He did notice the issue but not paid much attention. Being in the IT field John knows that there are times when you need to take servers down for maintenance. But there was a pain full realization that John’s commissions went way down on his amazon eShop.

John is still learning and his business evolving. He don’t have any monitoring mechanism at that time. John did not see this coming through. John did not understand the importance of a good hosting service until he hit this road block.

It took roughly 2 years for John to build this business, which is earning good 4 figure commissions per month at that point. With the issue of the site is constantly down John lost most of his 450+ customers and a lot of Amazon commission for one month in June 2014.

The things went ugly from there on. with in few months John’s commission was completely erased. Not knowing what was the problem he had to close his eShop to avoid hosting fees and ‘other’ feature fees.

John was unable to comprehend what happened to him. Everything seems to be right until he noticed the issue on site up-time. In a given month his site was down more than 500 hours. that means it is up by only 10 days in a month. The site was down between 6AM EST to 3AM EST almost every day. That means no business for John!

The Reality

That above is a true case study. Yes! I am that John Doe and that is my experience.

Now that I realized the issue I started searching and doing my research before I jump into any thing else.

But you know what, there are so many providers! Not sure which is the same as my ex-hosting service and which are a bit better.

That’s when I was stumbled up on Pat Flynn’s blog and based on his assurance I though I would try BlueHost.

It was a pain to setup everything. Bluehost had a service for 99$ to move the sites. But I thought I would do it my self. I created a fresh look and the rest is history.

Once I moved to bluehost the traffic started trickling and the commission were slowly building up. After a year I was able to reach where I am before this downtime fiasco.

I simply lost 1 year of income! Which is more than 60K!

Feature rich but poor service and availability

There could 100s of features that are provided by every hosting provider. But I have a 5 questions to evaluate a hosting providers. If you got good answer for these 5 question you can short list the hosting provider.

After testing it for more than a year I started recommending the bluehost to everyone that are looking for a hosting service.

Why I Recommend Bluehost?

You can see all the features provided by bluehost here. For me, below are the must have features. Bluehost does a great job providing them along with the help, forums and tutorial to make sure you succeed.

#1 Support

As a new business owner you might have experienced that the ride wont be always smooth! But you know how to navigate the current and you have some guide to do so it will be as easy as sailing on the calm waters. Bluehost support team can easily take the guide place when you need some help. They are quick to respond and always available.

#2 Free CPanel

Navigate through and maintain your hosting configuration is non a easy task for non-techies! CPanel is a UI tool which make all these cumbersome configuration work easy. Just like reading your emails and changing your setting CPanel provides a web based interface to configure you hosting needs. This is a licensed software but you will get if FREE with Bluehost. I used to pay 15.99$ per year for the same with my earlier hosting provider.

#3 OneClick installs

More than 100 software platforms available for you choose from to install with a single click. These software platforms including the WordPress, Joomla, Opencart or any other imaginable software that you need for an online business. It will take only 5 minutes to build your brand new blog with bluehost!

#4 On demand service for security and privacy

As a small business owner or home business owner you don’t want an unknown guy show up at your door! You can register your domain with business privately using bluehost! Which helps not disclosing your address as the owner of the website but a 3rd party person to avoid certain personal and company details exposed to hackers. Various inbuilt and ondemand security tools available to you.

#5 Unlimited storage and Bandwidth

Some hosting services will throttle, some hosting services will limit the total bandwidth. But bluehost provides unlimited storage and bandwidth and stick to it.

I heard few reviews where they are unable to store unlimited files. But look deeply in to those reviews – some user complained about bluehost removing their files. Which are 10s of GBs of zip files with no relation to the websites.  You can not use your hosting service as you online backup for all your files. If you really need that you need to sign up with dropbox or google driver or skydrive.


I researched and tried many hosting services including 1&1, inmotionhosting and JVHost. But I liked bluehost for their true interest in you, your business and their support.

If you are on the fence to decide on whom to choose as your next hosting service provider,  I highly recommend Bluehost.  Go through this link to get the best offer!

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