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4 Best Backlink Strategies

When you started your blog you are very hungry to grow your subscribers list. However the list grow few a week. Your search engine rank sucks and it will be a daunting task to get it under 4. Believe me I had been there and gone through that. Some of my sites are still at 6 but studly growing.

I did tried and messed up many time until I got it right! It took a lot of time and research. I pursued multiple strategies suggested by many people. That is the information age we are in. There is so much of information available, not sure which one is a real one and which one is not. I don’t want to miss any chance hence I decided to give it a try in all possible direction. In the process I  messed up by following some dark advises in the hope of growing my fan following.

The best thing out of all was I learned about the backlinking process. I thought it would take a lot of research out and will be helpful to you.

First and foremost be yourself and just deliver your message. You are unique in this world. The best way to tell your story is to be honest and open. This is the best way you could win back other blogger’s attention and get more back links.

What is a banklink? A link to your site or an article on your site from another site.

Why is it so important? If your site linked from high reputable sites the search engines thinks that your are also reputable , the transitive property, and ranks you high. Unfortunately the vice versa is also true. If your site from various low ranked  or splogs ( spam blogs) you rank will go down. Choosing your strategy is very important get your backlinks.

Before we jump into any tips I would like to get your attention to few important items. You may want to stay away from any backlink schemes that manipulates pagerank consider as a violation to google policy

Here are few tips for you to implement to get more backlinks and rise your rank in search engines.

Banklink Strategies

Strategy#1 : Guest Posts

Guest post on similar blog will help you in the long run. It works sometimes and doesn’t the other times. By trying so what I learned was the process of connecting to the other bloggers. I was unable to get tremendous traffic but got connected to several other bloggers in my niche. You should try this out.

Strategy#2: Multiple Blogs

This one strategy worked very well for me. The blog platforms like WordPress, tumblr and blogger are helpful in getting a lot of backlinks to my blog sites. Start a blog with the similar name as your site and start building backlinks along with the content to your site with linking the posts on your sites.

  1. Be aware of any kind of manipulation and stay away from google slap.
  2. Avoid copying the same content across the blogs.
  3. Make sure you had the relevant content before you link your content.
  4. Provide a good experience to your readers.

Strategy#3: Blog Comments

Surprisingly blog comments still works! I was never tried generating any traffic from my comments but being myself appreciating or sharing my opinion on other writers blogs who I resonate with! This gave me an opportunity to share my presence on the internet and people who resonate with your comments may visit your blog. Don’t be a hungry hawk by putting on too many links on your comments they will get rejected or generate a lot of work for the blogger who owns the site to moderate your comments. I would strongly suggest avoid placing more than one link in your comment and focus your comment on the subject of the post.

OK. these are all that we know what else can be there to make my life easy?

Strategy#4: Social Media

Can you believe you can reach billions of people using social media sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Keep constantly posting on those social sites. Start sharing your message and posts with the people on the social media will help you create some backlinks to your blog. This also helps get noticed by millions of people who depends on these media for their motivation and news. Once my ex-boss told me that the greatest way he catchup with all the new is using twitter in between plan raids. Duh! We all do that and this is the easiest way to catch up these days.

Strategy#5: Find and Fill Gaps in your niche

There is lot of content out there on the internet. Even the google’s first page content some times out dated. Search for such content or links in the highly ranked pages for your keywords. Fill the gaps and offer the blog admins the link  to refer to your page or link back to get their visitors to this new content.

Strategy #6: Improving the existing content

This is much simpler. Similar to the Strategy#5 but you will be building on the existing content by elaborating or updating it to the latest version. Once you are ready with the new blog post write to the bloggers that are linking to the existing content and/or the owner of the blog with the link to the new content.  Here is a case study White Hat SEO Case Study: 348% More Organic Traffic in 7 Days. Every one love this kind of article combined with the results.

Strategy#7: Never Never Never Give Up

This is not a true strategy but a mindset. Once I had a tough time reaching one of the bloggers as I was never heard back from him in spite of sending so many messages. However after few days I met a guy in a seminar. We joined on a conversation with a group and talked over 30 minutes even before we shook hands.  Turn out he is a friend of whom I am trying to get in touch with and “baam!” I was able to get in touch with him on the same day. You never know what is there in the jar until you try looking into it! So be optimistic and pursuant about what you want.

Finally, be in front of the people is the only way you will get noticed. So, do whatever you do, get in front of people, make your blog and message visible to everyone. Leave your excuses and fear. Be patient! Nothing good happens overnight. It does happen in an instance when you decided to act on it. However that is the beginning moment of success.

Here is my results over the past week. Once I started implementing these suggestions my alexa rank went up and the traffic growth is amazing.



Some times you need to try implementing these strategies to get a firsthand feel.

Now that you know what to do, try at least one of these strategies in the next week and see results for yourself.

Kris Rud

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