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How To Transfer A Domain Name to Cheapdomain in 5 minutes

I was asked by few subscribers on how to transfer a domain name to cheapdomain. Hope this post provides some insight in to why I recommend registering the domain outside a hosting provider and provides details steps involved in the transfer.

Why I don’t prefer registering domain names with hosting provider?

Over the past few years of my blogging experience taught me few things. One of them is the importance of the flexibility to move between hosting providers. Here are few scenarios for your consideration.

Sometimes you choose the “best” hosting provider. At first the relation was fantastic. Overtime your online business grows, the traffic and the content of your site grows, and overall you see some decrease in performance. Then you want to upgrade the plan but you will be surprised to see how much extra you need to pay to upgrade your plan. Now your registration is tied up with the host provider and this makes it more difficult to switch with out interruption.

Here is another scenario. You want to secure your personal identification and address from whois search services of ICANN. This service provided by the host providers at the cost of 20$ a year where you can get this for 2$ or so with your Domain Name Registry Service provider.

Here is another one. When you locking your hosting service with a free domain name for a year it does seems to be a good choice. Especially when you are not sure you want to with your blog or domain name. You many have no idea what it would become after a year. But as soon as you learned you want to renew your domain for next few years, your costs will be sky rocketed for the domain name registration – you see it will ONLY cost close to 20$ per year or similar. Specially with some of the providers that you locked in low yearly rate. This is one way they will recoup their lost profit and  quickly by offsetting the costs.

Yet another scenario would be that you have chosen a wrong provider for your hosting services. After first couple of months your hosting provider start moving to other shared servers or your site is down 12 hours every week. (Yes this can happen!!!). The provider call this as a unscheduled maintenance and the frequency of this kind of maintenance in only increase by time. And you decided to move to other provider. This requires some interruption in your services to your clients and some down time to your sites. The down time could be any where between 1 to 7 days.

Overall the best part of separating domain name registration with hosting provider will give you the below benefits:

  1. you can switch the providers with just a DNS change.
  2. There wont be any extended downtime for your site.
  3. You will surely save some money in the process (compare $17.99 bluehost vs. $14.99 inmotionHosting vs. $8.99 Cheapdomain)
  4. You can register and own your domain for next 10 years with out renewing your hosting service for as many years.

How to transfer a domain name to CheapDomain

Now that you know why let’s see how to transfer you domain name to cheapdomain. This is quite simple once you know the steps involved. It will take 5 minutes or less.

Unlock you domain name

Step 1: Logon to your hosting provider account where you want to transfer the domain name from (this case I am transferring my domain name from bluehost).

Step 2: Go to domain control panel.

Step 3: Once registered your domain name is locked by your service provider. This is to protect your domain name from unauthorized transfers. You can unlock this by clicking a button.



Setting up CheapDomain Account

Step 4: Go to

Step 5: Signup or sign into your account.


Step 6: On the home screen in the menu choose transfer domain.



Step 7: Search for your domains to transfer.



Step 8: Cheapdomain will search the domain to make sure they are available for transfer.



Step 9: Select the domain to transfer.



Step 10: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND choosing the domain privacy service in case you want to keep your details hidden. I also recommend you to renew this for the maximum possible time.( most likely that will be 9 years)


Step 11: Provide the billing details to complete the transfer.

Step 12: Check your email. You must received an email from cheapdomain with 2 codes (one is Transcation ID and the other one is Security Code). Note these two codes.

Hosting Provider Setup

Step 13: Once you unlock the domain note down the “transfer code” – in bluehost case it is called EPP.



Final Steps to Complete Your Transfer

Step 14: Please go back to and goto  the control panel by click on “my domains”. Choose  “transfer” option from the “domains” drop down menu.You will see all the domain list that you setup in the Step 8.



Step 15: The EPP code or transfer password you noted from your current hosting service in Step 13 comes in handy now. Add the code against each domain the domain to transfer by clicking on “enter the password for transfer” (or similar phrase – this changed over the years).

Step 16: You will see the list of domains you want to see on the screen. Now click on the “Authorize Transfer”.




Step 17: Add your transfer code you received in the email that you noted down in Step 12 on this page.

Step 18: Accept the transfer by login into your hosting provider account and going to the transfer section of the the domain name you choose to transfer.

That’s it!!! You are all done!

It will take few minutes to reflect the transfer. In case you see some errors just click on the retry link next to the domain name. Also please remember that it will take up to few days to refresh the DSN re-population. Normally it will take an hour or so.

Now check “My Domains’ Link on to see your new domain status and its DNS routing points to your hosting provider.

Congratulations! You  transferred your domain name registration from bluehost (any hosting provider) to cheapdomain successfully.

Please leave a comment below or  send me an email to Kris at in case you have any question about your domain name transfer or any technical questions related to your blog.

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