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Why Blogger Must Understand Email Marketing?

I started the email list after few months of my blogging. I did not realize the power of email list in the beginning. After setting up my auto responder for 3 weeks following a proven method of content-offer combination, I realized how powerful it will be.

What’s Email Marketing?

In simple words, let’s say, if you subscribed to living social or groupons, they will deliver the deals to your mailbox. So that you won’t miss the best deal you are looking for.

Email marketing is all about sending offers to the subscribers on regular basis. According online marketing industry research, if each email in your list generates 1$ per day, you have an optimum list.

Let’s say you send an offer to 2000 people and got by a 1$ from each of them (of course indirectly), that means you have an optimum list.

Why Anyone Give Me Money?

It is a valid question. No one give you money for free. You got to do that work! Here the “work” is to find the pain point and find a solution for it. Create value in your client’s life will get you want you want.

I am creating all these FREE content and few courses for you all. This is just my way of saying thank to you for being part of the society. What did you do so far. I truly believe in giving. Do you? If so share your knowledge and skills with your fellow people to make their lives better. If you help at least one or two people around you, you accomplished what you are supposed to.

By creating value without asking anything in return makes you a giver. A giver is alway get 10 times back of what he gives. So “thou shalt give to receive”!  Once you master the giving, the switch is in your hand.

How Email List Helps My Online Business?

Let’s assume you are creating tons of value without asking anything from your readers. Over a period you establish the authority on the subject and gain the confidence of your readers. So when you are in that place, recommending a good product is very easy. You dont need to use the cheap marketing techniques to make a sale. You always can tell them the truth and how the product can help them.

Because you are one of them, you don’t need to go into a marketing drive. The only need is to reach a position of trusted resource in a short period.

Once you figure out how to go there, you can sit back, relax and send emails recommending the products to your readers and enjoy earning the dollars you need any time you want.

Don’t Take My Word – Get Help From the Pros

I know you might be still doubting the email list. But in reality there are people who are generating 30,000$ in 5 days with a single email list of 25,000 followers. Well you got to start somewhere but you got to start now. You need this list if you really want to grow your blog as a business or business supporting platform.  There are few people I met, who generated any where between 25,000 per month to – 96,000$ in a single email swipe in a day. Well I am not there yet but I am very much motivated by these Pros.

I can also suggest you, with my experience, that you must get help when you are in doubt. All you need a little nudge and assurance at times. If that person is already walked the walk that would be awesome. Here is a giant and a pro in that email marketing niche that I would like you to take a look at. He is non other than Mr. Jimmy Kim. Anik Singal once told me in a conversation that Jimmy is the go to guy for him when he need to generate a lot of traffic for his $10 million launches. what you’re going to learn out of his Build My List course is all about setting up landing pages, building a list and how to set up autoresponder to put your monetization on auto pilot.

I went through this course, even after few year in this business, and learn few nice tips from him. I am sure you will learn a ton from this course if you are just starting. This is not hard on you pocket as well, I think I can promise on that.  So don’t hesitate to start building a list from the get go and always ask for help.  The best way for you cut your learning curve shorter is to go through course like Build My List.

Final Words

Now you know why email list is important, start collecting emails of your readers today, if you are not already doing so.  There are few tools you need to carry out this task. An opt-in page and an autoresponder.

I recommend leadpages.net for the opt-in pages and getresponse for the autoresponder. The both did a great job helping me collect my first 5000 email subscribers.

Here is my view of leadpages. I used (using) other services like megaphoneapp as well just not to get biased by the service I love. I explained in my review why I like and recommend leadpages.

I recommend GetResponse for one reason, it is a little less burden on your pocket in your initial days of business. You get all you need with GetResponse until your list grows to 50K (or less) subscribers. Beyond that you may want to use other services such as infusionsoft(starting fee is 2000$+ 200$ more per month).  Here is a little tutorial of getresponse features.

But if you don’t like the restriction in place by using these auto responder service such as GetResponse and Aweber use a WordPress plugin called IMSC Rapid Mailer. This WordPress Plugin help with creating autoresponders, provide stats,  maintain your email lists and newsletters from you blog.


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