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Strategic Content Writing – Sell without Selling

There are few million blogs today and expected to grow by 10x faster in next few years. The only way you can make a difference with your blog to reach more audience is writing strategic content.

What is Strategic Content?

When you write your blog, what do you write?  A post that you discovered useful to many people? Or just your personal rant.

If you choose the second, I am sure, you are not expecting your blog to become your business. You don’t need to read further. But if you choose to make your blog more useful you need to follow a strategic content model.

Strategic Content is all about writing your content in a methodical way so that you gradually take your readers through a journey. In the process you convert them into raving fans.

Do you remember preserving your favorite sports jersey for a long time, attending every game either in person or in front of TV and cheering and betting on them even you know they lose?

You that is the feeling I am talking about. You can easily convert your readers to raving fans just by strategizing your content.

How to Write Strategic Content?

You need to have 2 things in place.

  1. Framework
  2. Planning


Let’s take an  example of  selling a course.

  • First you need to prepare your audience and make them understand the gap in their skills.
  • Then you need to write about how you filled the gap by a case study. It could be your own experience or someone else that you know or observed with out revealing how.  i.e., the problems you faced and how your life changed with this one solution.
  • Now your audience are warmed up and ready to listen to your solution. When the iron is hot strike it to mold the way you want.  You present with your solution and your audience will buy into it.
  • Next you also show them how to use the solution just to rule out any skeptics.

This is a simple framework. You can go sophisticated by providing videos, worksheets, webinars to warmup your audience for the offer.


Planning is the biggest part of your strategy in producing strategic content.  Any time you write a content, just don’t write them as they come. Note all the ideas of content down. Arrange them in groups of related ideas. Then start working on one group at a time to create as many post as you can, by writing a heading, sub headings etc.

You may see some overlaps between multiple ideas. It is OK and it is good.  Now you see an order in all these post in your group. Arrange them in a meaningful order to create the same experience for your audience as you see it in the outline.

At this time you have bunch of blog post headers (including sub header) arranged in certain way that gradually achieve a purpose for your audience.

Let’s see if I can work through a Fitness example.

High Level Content Ideas

exercise, health, meditation, yoga, supplements, food, exercise equipment, music, yoga digital classes, exercise digital classes, personal training, 360 degrees health, 360 degrees fitness.

Each one of the above represent a broad idea.

Dive Deep But Not Too Deep

Now you can go by narrowing exercise  to biking, dancing, free weights lifting, target workout etc. Health can be sub divided into losing weight, healthy eating, dance to burn etc.

You can see there are some overlaps between Health and exercise but that’s okay. You can cross promote product with such overlaps.

Planning Posts Ahead

Now you need to plan for the posts that can slowly educate your audience where they are today and where they want to go. For example a person who did not exercise for a long time will not be in a position to go on treadmill for 10 mins. Suggesting him to exercise for 30 mins will not make any sense for him. He will simply skip it.

However if you workout an idea of someone who is dear to him presenting him with a fitbit and emotionally committed to  workout for 5000 steps a day or 5 stair frights a day is a great start.  Then slowly move them to the next level all the way to your boot camp of 3 hours intensive workout everyday.

Building Trust

By planning the posts in such away and showing the results every time you are gradually build the trust. Your audience would be able to believe in themselves and you following few days, weeks or months.

They see you as a coach by now. You recommend something they will buy. You don’t need to sell anything hard!

Things To Remember

  • Do your home work and research.
  • Use simple language so that everyone will understand.
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms unless you target professional in the chosen field.
  • Gradually up the game and present the solution but don’t delay it too long. Your audience may be bored waiting.
  • Have multiple solution for various levels of people.
  • Don’t hesitate to promote your competitor’s product, if you don’t have one. You can find new friends and happy customers by doing so.


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